C of C Sailing Update. Harbor Cup, Navy Women’s, NP3, Eckerd Intersectional, St. Mary’s TR.


Have you checked our schedule recently?

This upcoming weekend is a big one for the College of Charleston Sailing Team as we will be sending teams to 5 different regattas across the country.

With this many Cougar sailors on the road, this will be the busiest weekend of the spring semester for the College of Charleston Sailing Team.

Here’s the list of this weekend’s events:
Port of LA Harbor Cup- Los Angeles, CA (offshore Team)
St. Mary’s Team Race- St. Mary’s, MD (dinghy Team)
Eckerd Intersectional- St. Petersburg, FL (dinghy Team)
Navy Spring Women’s- Annapolis, MD (dinghy Team)
North Points #3- Knoxville, TN (dinghy team)

Keep checking back as we will be sure to keep you updated on all 5 events, and remember to checkhttp://scores.collegesailing.org/ for live scoring from all the regattas.


It’s a huge weekend for College of Charleston Sailing as the team will be represented at 5 different regattas across the nation.

Stay tuned for updates, and read the official College of Charleston Athletics press release here: http://www.cofcsports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=69368&SPID=7838&DB_LANG=C&ATCLID=209428971&DB_OEM_ID=14800

Here’s your Saturday night Cougar sailing update:

Eckerd Intersectional: Down in St. Petersburg, the Cougars have been dominating through the first day of racing with a score of just 90pts through 10 races- leaving them at the top of the score sheet.

St. Mary’s Team Race: The C of C Sailing Team is holding a 3-1 record, which is good enough for third after day 1 of racing. The Cougars were warming up today despite the frigid temperatures, and are looking forward to tomorrow’s racing!

Harbor Cup: Out on the west coast, the Offshore Cougars made a huge jump into 5th after a solid day of racing. 4 races are scheduled for tomorrow, and the big boat sailors will look to keep climbing the scoreboard.

NP #3

Waiting on the breeze to fill at North Points #3 in Tennessee

North Points #3: C of C Sailing has clinched second overall at this one day event in Tennessee. Congratulations to our Cougars on a well-sailed event!
Navy Women’s: the Lady Cougars are sitting in 8th after day 1 of racing, they are looking forward to a full day of racing tomorrow.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated tomorrow as we wrap up the 4 remaining events!



The busiest weekend of the Spring semester is over and done with for the C of C Sailing Team, here is your#CougarSunday Update:

Eckerd Intersectional: The College of Charleston SailingTeam dominated at St. Petersburg, beating out the 7 team field to take home the victory; placing FIRST overall. Congratulations Cougars on an excellent event!

St. Mary’s Team Race: The Cougars finished an impressive SECOND in a very competitive 10 team fleet that played host to the top collegiate team-racing teams in the nation. C of C ended the event with a 10-4 record through 14 races.

LAYC Harbor Cup: After 3 days of intense racing, the Offshore Cougars managed a respectable FIFTH place finish. This edition of the Harbor Cup Invitational featured the top 10 Offshore Teams in the nation, providing stiff big-boat competition out in Los Angeles.

Navy Women

Lady Cougars at Navy

Navy Women’s: Our Lady Cougars have placed SEVENTH overall after 2 days of fleet racing with 20 of the top women’s teams in collegiate sailing. 

Congratulations go out to all of our sailors that competed this weekend, including the team that placed second at yesterday’s North Points #3 Regatta in Tennessee.



Full scores from all this weekend’s events available here:http://scores.collegesailing.org/s14/


C of C Sailing Update. Bob Bavier Team Race, North Points #2.


It’s a big weekend for College of Charleston Sailing, with the first team race event of the Spring ’14 season taking place right here in Charleston- the Bob Bavier Team Race.

The Cougars will also be competing at Clemson, sailing the North Points #2 Event.

Here are the lineups for both regattas:
At the Bob Bavier Team Race, the Cougars will be sailing two teams- Jake Reynolds & Ali Blumenthal, Nick Johnstone & Seppie McAdams, and Ryan Davidson & Emmy Stuart will compete on one Cougar team, while Dodge Rees & Tierney Driscoll, Jack Jorgensen & Michaela Reynolds, and Reed Baldridge & Katherine Baker will sail on the other team.

At Clemson, the Cougars will be sailing Nicole Hause & Amy Kubie in A-fleet with Sarah Mackey and Katie Dowling in B-fleet.

Be sure to follow along with live scoring: http://scores.collegesailing.org/s14/


The Cougars have placed SECOND overall at the North Points #2 regatta in Clemson, and are currently sitting in THIRD after the first day of racing at the Bob Bavier Team Race event!

At NP #2, The College of Charleston Sailors edged out a competitive field of 12 other teams to score just 28pts through 5 races; tieing with first place team Clemson and narrowly losing the championship spot on a tie-breaker. Congratulations to our sailors on a great series!

Meanwhile, after day 1 of racing at the Bob Bavier Team Race regatta here in Charleston- the Cougars are in a comfortable third (just 1 win out of first), and looking to capitalize on a full day of racing today.
The second C of C team is sitting in ninth, and will also be looking to climb up the score sheet.
Yesterday, the Race Committee did an awesome job in getting 65 races off in a light and shifty breeze, it’ll be interesting to see what today’s racing has in store.

Follow along with the Bob Bavier Team Race:http://scores.collegesailing.org/s14/bob-bavier-team-race/


Another weekend is in the books for the College of Charleston Sailing Team, and the Cougars ended up finishing off the Bob Bavier Team Race event (hosted by Charleston) by placing FOURTH (12-9) and NINTH (4-14).

The Bob Bavier was the first team race event of the Spring season for the Cougars, and was truly competitive featuring 8 of the top 10 teams in the nation. Stand by for the official press release and photos.

Final Results:

The C of C Sailors are already focused and preparing for next weekend- which will see the Cougars fielding teams to 5 events across the nation; stay tuned!

C of C Sailing Update. North Points #3, John Jackson Memorial Team Race, Navy Spring Women’s, St. Mary’s Team Race, Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup.


The C of C Offshore Team is heading out to get a few hours of practice in before a 2pm start this afternoon at the Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup!

Good luck to the entire team, including skipper Jay Greenfield, mainsail trimmer Brent Burrows, jib/spin trimmer Brandon Folkman, secondary trimmer Nathan Akers, pit girl Hanna Horan, mast man/ tactician Timmy Crann, bowman Luke Ackerman, alternate Charles Essi and Coach Ned Goss.

After day 1 of racing at the 2013 Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup, the Cougars are tied for 4th overall with 9pts. 2 races have been completed, with another 8 on the schedule.

Good luck to the C of C Offshore Sailing Team over the next 2 days of racing!

Results available here:http://scores.collegesailing.org/s13/port-la-harbor-cup/full-scores/



The College of Charleston Sailing Team is spread across the U.S. this weekend, with 5 teams on the road competing in 5 different events!

The Cougars enter this weekend’s competition with their highest national rankings of the season, as they claimed sole possession of No. 1 in the latest college coed rankings.

The Cougars are set to compete at the St. Mary’s Team Race hosted by St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Additionally, the Cougars will compete at the John Jackson Team Race regatta hosted by Georgetown in Washington, D.C.

The Lady Cougars will be competing at the Navy Spring Women’s regatta hosted by the U.S. Naval Academy.

The Cougars will also field teams in the North Points #3 regatta hosted by Tennessee in Knoxville, Tenn. C of C has won all four North Points events held in the fall and spring this season.

Finally, the C of C Offshore team continues to sail at the Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup in LA where they have 2 days of competition left.


The College of Charleston Offshore Sailing Team has placed SECOND overall in their very first Offshore regatta!

The Cougars sailed a competitive 10 race series at the Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup (hosted by Cal Maritime, in California) to secure a second place finish over 3 days of intense racing in the Catalina 37 keelboat.

The team also won the ‘Dockmaster’ award for showing good sportsmanship and exceptional boat maintenance throughout the series.

This was the first regatta for the newly formed Offshore team at C of C, the Offshore team consists of Jay Greenfield, Brent Burrows, Brandon Folkman, Nathan Akers, Hanna Horan, Timmy Crann, Charles Essi, and Luke Ackerman.


Results: http://scores.collegesailing.org/s13/port-la-harbor-cup/


It was another packed weekend for the #1 ranked College of Charleston Sailing Team, as they competed in a total of 5 different events.

On Saturday, at North Points #3 in Tennessee, the Cougars ended up 2nd overall in this one day event.

The College of Charleston Sailing Team also claimed 2nd at the John Jackson Memorial Team Race hosted by Georgetown after sailing a very competitive series.

The Lady Cougars end the Navy Spring Women’s regatta with a strong 7th place finish in the 20 team fleet.

At the St. Mary’s Team Race, the Cougars finished 6th overall in what was a very skilled fleet of 10 teams.

The Offshore Cougars claimed 2nd overall in what was their first offshore event at the Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup!

Good job to all Cougar sailors that competed on this very busy weekend!

IMG_8623The College of Charleston Offshore Sailing Team after claiming second overall at the Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup.

C of C Sailing Update. North Points #2, Eckerd Intersectional, Graham Hall Team Race, Charleston Women’s.


The College of Charleston Sailing Team is spread out throughout the East coast this weekend, as the Cougars are currently competing in 4 events!

-The Graham Hall Team Race hosted by the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. The Cougars will be represented by senior All-American Ben Spector, senior All-American Mac Mace, 2012 London Olympian Juan Maegli, senior Cory DeCollibus, freshman Seppie McAdams, senior Brooks Clark and freshman Ryan Davidson.

-The Eckerd Intersectional hosted by Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fla. At this event CofC will sail freshman Jake Reynolds, freshman Emily Stuart, freshman Kyle Sutter, freshman Jack Jorgensen, sophomore Tierney Driscoll and freshman Parker Rawlings.

-The Cougars will vie for a fourth North Points win at the North Points #2 regatta hosted by Clemson in Clemson, S.C. Freshman Dodge Rees will skipper A-Division with junior crew Courtney Alexander, while junior Katherine Baker will skipper B-Division with freshman crew Honore Johnson.

-The Lady Cougars will sail the Charleston Women’s Intersectional at the Cougar’s very own J. Stewart Walker Sailing Complex in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. CofC will be represented by junior Grace Lucas, freshman Michaela Reynolds, sophomore Morgan Buckley, sophomore Kayla Gibson, freshman Beka Schiff, sophomore Clerc Cooper and junior Elizabeth Chambers.

Good luck to ALL Cougar teams on this huge weekend- Sail Fast!


So far so good for The College of Charleston Sailing Team as they progress through this busy weekend!

-The Cougars have WON the Clemson North Points #2 regatta, after dominating the series with a total of 6 bullets. This is the fourth North Points win of the 2012-2013 year for the Cougars!

-At the Eckerd Intersectional, the Cougars are currently in FIRST place overall after completing day 1 of racing! They have a 28pt lead over the competition.

-The Lady Cougars are tied in FIRST overall after day 1 of racing at the Charleston Women’s event.

-At the Graham Hall Team Race, the Cougars are sitting in FIRST overall after going 13-1 on the first day of racing!

Also at this time, the C of C Offshore Team is making their way out to Los Angeles in preparation for next weekend’s Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup event.

Congratulations to all Cougar teams on the excellent sailing today, keep up the outstanding work tomorrow!



The College of Charleston Sailing Team has placed FIRST in all 4 events that they competed in this weekend!

After completing the North Points #2 regatta yesterday with a strong event victory, the Cougar sailors wrapped up the other 3 regattas they were competing in this afternoon.

-The Cougars have WON the Eckerd Intersectional by an impressive 67pts. The C of C Sailors dominated the 18 race series hosted by Eckerd College in Florida.

-At the Graham Hall Team Race, the Cougars finished with a 20-2 record to place FIRST overall; the C of C sailors were extremely consistent throughout this event, and showed their skill among the 16 team fleet.

-The Lady Cougars sailed an impressive series at the Charleston Women’s Event, and WON the 18 race series at home in Charleston, SC!

Congratulations to all Cougar Sailors on this outstanding and impressive weekend- Taking the gold in all 4 events!


Results: http://scores.collegesailing.org/

C of C Sailing Update. North Points #4, Moody Trophy, Navy Fall Women’s Regatta.

The College of Charleston Sailing Team have 3 regattas lined up for this weekend:
-The Moody Trophy at the University of Rhode Island
-Navy Fall Women’s in Annapolis
-North Points #4 at UNC Wilmington

Good luck Cougars; Sail Fast!

North Points #4:
The regatta went well. Light and shifty conditions with a flooding tide made for an interesting day of sailing in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Freshmen Jake Reynolds and Katie Dowling sailed A-Division along with freshmen Kyle Sutter and Michaela Reynolds in B-Division (both divisions sailed 420′s). The regatta ran smoothly thanks to our awesome coach Ned. The cougars ended up winning the event. -Katie Dowling

Another successful weekend for the fourth-ranked College of Charleston Sailing Team:
-FIRST overall sailing North Points #4 at UNC Wilmington
-THIRD overall at the Moody Trophy in Rhode Island
-FOURTH overall at the Navy Fall Women’s Regatta

Navy Fall Women’s:
Lady Cougars sailed 16 solid races to a 4th place finish at the Navy Fall Women’s Intercoference Regatta in Annapolis, MD. Great job ladies!

Melany Johnson ’15/Carly Shevitz placed 9th in A division
Kayla Gibson ’15/Sarah Somes ’13 won B division
Clerc Cooper ’15 placed 8th in C division (Laser Radials)

Moody Trophy:

Juan Maegli, Brooks Clark, Chris Banholzer, Tierney Driscoll, and Sarah Scudder finish 3rd at the 2012 Moody Trophy