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We’re glad you’re interested in the College of Charleston!

We are pleased that you are interested in joining the College of Charleston sailing team and considering admissions to the college.  We are truly proud of all we have to offer our students and we are fortunate to be a recipient of all the excellent support from the college and its athletic department.  We urge you to contact us if you have any questions about our varsity sailing team, JV/ club team, our sailing association, or any of our programs which help make it possible for students at the College of Charleston and our local community to enjoy the great sailing that Charleston has to offer!

Here are some suggestions as to how to make admissions to the College as simple as possible and make your interest in sailing known to your coaches.

1)     Be sure to contact both Coach Ward and Director Greg by email with your interest ideally in the spring of your junior year or fall of your senior year at the latest.  Explain why you’re interested in the College of Charleston and don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you might have.

2)     Send your sailing resume/ personal resume, and academic information.

Here’s what we’d like to see:

In your sailing/ personal resume-

– List by year your most competitive events, types of boats sailed, # of competitors, and you’re finishing position in each event
– Mention clinics attended and coaches you’ve worked with
– Talk about your training program
– Future sailing plans
– Sports – (Track, soccer…)
– Community service (meals on wheels…)
– Extra-curricular activities (band, choir, theatre, Mathletes…)
– Future plans (become an event planner, go to law school…)

Your transcript and test scores-

– Coaches don’t usually need an “Official” Copy.

– All board scores/ or best score in each category.

3)     Set up a time to visit the school so you can take a campus tour go to an info session in admissions and watch a sailing practice. We recognize that trips during the week are not always convenient but the team practices on Tuesday- Thursday in the afternoons.  The coaches and team captains can work to help you find housing for your visit with a member of the team.

If you know a team member, you are encouraged to reach out to them, we are sure they will have lots of good things to say and be happy to show you what a “day in the life” is like here at the college.

4)     Be sure to contact us and remind us at least a week before your visit!

5)     Please understand that by ICSA regulations not only can we not offer scholarships, we are also not permitted to help secure financial aid in any way. Please address these questions with admissions.


What are the benefits of being on the Varsity Team?

The varsity team members get support from the athletic department in
the form of:

Sports Performance (team workouts every Tues. & Thurs. @ 8:00 AM and 9:45 AM )

Sports Medicine (sick call, rehab, drug testing)

Academic Services (study hall; advising, tutoring)

What are the benefits of being on the JV/ club Sailing Team?

In 2011 we launched our new JV/Club sailing team, a branch of our sailing association with as many members as our varsity team and growing.  The JV club team gets to use the same boats and practice in the same venue as the varsity team.  Whether it’s team racing the 420’s and FJ’s, Match Racing the J-22‘s, or ripping around in some Lasers the sailing facility and boats are there for all College of Charleston Students. The JV/ Club team is relatively new concept and we are really excited about continuing to work to develop skills and increase the level coaching and competition for all sailors.

Do Sailing Coaches really have any pull with admissions?

It NEVER hurts to contact a coach ahead of applying.  While we don’t have direct influence on admissions and their decisions, we can make it clear the value in having you a part of our sailing program.

Should I bring my parents?

Sure, they are welcome to visit and we’d enjoy meeting them.  We always recommend you plan on spending some time alone with the coach and more importantly, the team.  You want to show you are independent and ready to be a functioning member of the team.

How do team tryouts work?

The Varsity team has limited roster spots and is expected to mock the gender bias of the university.   We do have a large number of enthusiastic freshmen interested in participating on our team each year and since we have only a limited number of available spots, we hold tryouts the first week of school.  Our tryouts are not a typical race off.  Instead we place all the new sailors in boats with returning athletes.  Our coaches carefully watch all the new recruits sail and look at their comfort level and abilities in an FJ, 420 and a J22 for the offshore program.  While how well the new recruit/freshman sailor performs and finishes in the racing is noticed, the finish position is far from the main consideration.  The coaches and team captains will review all the potential new team members and discuss their many qualities and attributes.  Hard decisions are made to determine who might become the greatest assets to the team.  This process might take several days and evenings but once determined all freshmen will be notified personally of their status.

The College of Charleston is fortunate to have some of the very best sailors, and best sportsmen and sportswomen as members.  We uphold the highest standards when it comes to sportsmanship on and off the water.  Our goal is to always raise the level of talent on all of our teams.

We encourage all enthusiasts to take a good look at the College of Charleston and everything we have to offer.   Come and enjoy the College of Charleston, its sailing programs, the amazing facilities, and the tremendous sailing venue of Charleston Harbor!

Here are a few interesting videos that’ll give you some more views of the school and the sailing team.

Click the below link to find out what it takes to get accepted to the College of Charleston:
C of C Admissions Requirements

Please contact us with any questions!!

Kevin Jewett         Director of Sailing                  Office (843) 953 8252
Cell (262) 271-4006                                    

Ward Cromwell      Head Coach                       Office (843) 953 5549
Cell (843) 324 4245                                     

Conner Blouin      Assistant Coach                         Office  (843) 953 3679
Cell (727)  455 7907                                   

Ned Goss       Offshore Coach                           Office (843) 216 8450