Competencies for Membership Levels

Bend on sails and prepare J-22 for sailing.
Identify properly: outhaul, boom vang, main sheet traveller, jib sheets, jib stay, cunningham, back stay.
Demonstrate the proper tying of the following knots and explain their use on the J-22: Square, figure of eight, clove hitch, three half hitches, bowline, cleating, making up a line.
Demonstrate a proper tack from beam reach to beam reach.
Demonstrate heading up and falling off.
Demonstrate a controlled jibe, run to run.
Demonstrate beating to windward, using at least 5 tacks.
Demonstrate proper securing of J-22 to the dock.
Demonstrate adequate written knowledge of sailing by scoring 75 on a written test.
Demonstrate proper use of Type II, III, and IV PFDs.


Pass competencies for Crew status, and possess the following skills:
1.      Ability to identify proper safety equipment required for sailing.
2.      Know how to tie a Bowline, Figure 8, Square (reef) knot, Coiling a line, Half Hitches, Clove Hitch, and Cleat Hitch.
3.      Knowledge and ability to read a maritime chart.
4.      Knowledge of wind direction, currents, and tides.
5.      Must demonstrate knowledge of the Rules of the Road.  (Including Identifying Commercial Channels and awareness of Commercial Vessels in Charleston Harbor)
6.      Properly rig vessel.
7.      Identify Safety Position.   (Close Reach or Close Hauled Sails luffing)
8.      Demonstrate how to get in and out of Irons.
9.      Identify points of sail with proper sail trim.
10.  Demonstrate tacking and controlled gybing of a sailing vessel.
11.  Demonstrate Man Over Board recovery.
12.  Reefing and de-powering under sail.


Must pass competencies for Skipper II status, and possess the following skills:.

1.      Must demonstrate Skipper I abilities singled handily
2.      Demonstrate ability to rig spinnaker and perform all crew positions while flying the spinnaker.
420’s, FJ’s and Lasers
1.      Demonstrate ability to rig vessel unassisted.
2.      Demonstrate Skipper I abilities.
3.      Demonstrate Capsize recovery.
4.      Must demonstrate ability to leave and return to the docks under sail.